Three tips to keep your projects on track

As a project manager, I’m pretty good at juggling multiple projects for multiple clients at one time. Keeping the trains running can be challenging with constant interruptions and delays. Here are three tips to help keep projects on track.

  1. Create and maintain a schedule for all projects. Deadlines may be fluid on some projects, but it’s important to have a schedule that can be updated as the work evolves. This will help to keep tasks from being forgotten if deadlines are pushed.
  2. Communicate frequently with your team and client. Regular check-ins are essential to keep projects moving. They help keep stakeholders aware of a project’s status and provide an opportunity to discuss issues or ask questions.
  3. Be aware of potential risks. Know what could derail a project so you can prevent it or minimize its impact. By evaluating all of the ways a project could go awry, you can advise your team appropriately and avoid missteps.

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